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These are just some of the many awards that have been presented to

Ms. Ella Cisneros as recognition for her vigorous and extensive work

in her life that touches her career and philanthropical side.

  • World of Dreamers Award 2006 IFB Group

  • Art Lima Reconocimiento Trayectoria 2018

  • Premio Pond’s en Arte y Cultura

  • Latin American Experience, Honoree, MFA The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2017

  • Asociacion Civil Hogar Santa Maria de la Caridad por Fundacion

  • Together Venezuela

  • Junior League of Miami, 2007 Honoree

  • Museo Cubano de Arte y Cultura, Grande Benefactores, Miami, FL 1981

  • Cervera Real Estate Miami Ambassador Award, 2004 Red Cross Sara Hopkins

  • The Bronx Museum of the Arts, 2016

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