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"Ella Soy Yo" is a captivating literary tapestry that seamlessly blends reality and imagination, taking us through the decades from the youthful dawn to the splendor of maturity of its protagonist. Within the pages, we bear witness to the life of a woman who was not only a privileged spectator of her time but also a prominent protagonist who became a symbol of female emancipation.


This journey, not without multiple parallels to the life of the author herself, is woven with vivid anecdotes and exceptional encounters, featuring names like Fidel Castro, Andy Warhol, or Donald Trump, who populate the stage of a singular existence.


In this work with autobiographical undertones, Ella Fontanals-Cisneros recounts her own adventures as a businesswoman, philanthropist, and collector of modern and Latin American art, immersing the reader in the intricate labyrinths of emotions and the intimacy of her heroine."

Ella Soy Yo (USA Spanish Edition)

SKU: 978-8412745672
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